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Profiles of Lehigh Employees

From a farmer to a working mother, Lehigh employs a diverse roster of people bound together by one common goal: to serve the Lehigh community and beyond.  Each of Lehigh's employees is unique, with a similar passion for excellence and community-building.

See the profiles below to learn why the following employees chose Lehigh as the place to expand their career:

Professional/Managerial Employees


Assistant Director: Financial Aid

"Lehigh has given me many opportunities. It is a family friendly environment, allowing me to take care of my family and job at the same time."  more>


Assistant Director, Admissions

"It is wonderful to be involved in the positive development of young adults."  more>


Executive Director: Auxiliary Services

"My position affords me the opportunity to interact with students and with many dedicated and caring staff members."  more>


Project Manager: Provost's Office

"I enjoy watching our students succeed. There are a lot of good young people coming up behind us as our future leaders."  more>

Administrative/Clerical Employees


Library/Computing Assistant: Library & Technology Services Client Services

"I enjoy the diversity; the opportunity to work with people of all ages, professions, and cultures."  more>


Administrative Coordinator: Residence Life

"Making friendships across the campus is important to me."  more>


Accounting Coordinator: Development Office

"I like to read letters from alumni that accompany donations. They are filled with fond memories of the time they spent at Lehigh and how much it means to them."  more>

Service Employees


Police Officer: University Police

"I enjoy the people I work with and the people in the community."  more>

Maintenance Employees


Locksmith: Facilities Services

"I enjoy working with all of the people across campus."  more>


HVAC Mechanic: Facilities Services

"Lehigh offers a lot of activities such as guest speakers, athletic events, and a wide range of events including personal events."  more>

Technical Employees


Laboratory Operations Supervisor: Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

"Working with students is challenging and revitalizing."  more>

Mary Jo

Facilities Space Data Manager: Facilities Planning

"Working in an academic institution allows opportunities to expand my knowledge, which makes me more valuable as an employee."  more>