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2023 Lehigh Staff Appreciation Dinner

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2023 Lehigh Staff Appreciation Dinner Program




Twenty Five Years of Service

Congratulations to Lehigh staff members who marked 25 years of service during the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

Fred Bechtoldt

Facilities Services

Allen Biddinger


Bruce Bunnick


Sherry Buss

College of Health

Christophe Guillon


Stacey Kimmel-Smith

LTS Client Services

Kim Miller


Anne Nierer

Sociology and Anthropology

Debra Rubart

International Fellowship Advising and UN Programs

Randolph Shebby

Environmental Health and Safety

Deborah Utesch


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In Memory

Lehigh remembers active and retired staff who passed away during the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

Kathryn Fair

Financial Aid

Donald Fisher

ID Office

Maryann Haller

College of Arts and Sciences

Margaret Holzer

Office of Research

Lois Kaercher

The Learning Center

Eleanor Mastandrea


Michael Meyers

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

David Rader

Facilities Services

Shirley Sutton

Computing Center

Gerald Trumbauer

Facilities Services

Rodney Yerk

Facilities Services

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Lehigh University Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2022-2023 Lehigh University Awards

John W. and Barbara R. Woltjen Award

Brittany Emanuel, Payroll Office

Louis and Helen Zirkel Library Staff Award

Mark Scott, LTS Client Services

Perry and Carol Zirkel Nonexempt Staff Award

Elise Schaffer, LU Art Galleries Museum

Lehigh University Exempt Staff Distinguished Service Award

Donald Roberts, Department of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Alfred Noble Robinson Exempt & Nonexempt Staff Award

Nicholas Christy, DOS Student Life

Hillman Nonexempt Staff Award

Annette McCans, Dean’s Office College of Arts and Sciences

Hillman Exempt Staff Award

Chad Kusko, I-CPIE

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Best wishes to Lehigh staff members who retired during the 2022-2023 fiscal year.


Robin Bodnar
Senior Budget Analyst, Provost’s Office
23 Years of Service

Robin retired in July of 2022. She also held positions in the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the Payroll Office.  In her retirement, she is learning to read and speak Ukrainian; is a member of the St. Mary’s Sisterhood, Choir and the new Financial Recording Secretary. Robin stated that she just loved working with everyone. She has so many good memories of so many good people. One of the things she enjoyed most was sharing her knowledge with others so that they too can succeed in everything they do. 


Robert Bruneio
Transportation Manager, Transportation Services
36 Years of Service

Bob retired in November of 2022. Prior to Transportation Services, Bob worked in the Lehigh Police Department. While at Lehigh, he was Co-Advisor to Lehigh University Emergency Medical Services, served on many committees including the Chairperson of ERAC, and participated in numerous community events – in too many to mention – in Bob’s words. Today, Bob is working with a local EMS service overseeing the Mobility Services team that provides wheelchair transport for assisted living facilities, making sure senior citizens are safely transported to medical appointments. Bob states that as a dedicated staff member for 36 years, he took pride in being able to serve the many students, staff, and faculty. Providing excellent customer service to the Lehigh community was one of the many highlights of his career. Lehigh provided many excellent opportunities for him and his family and he will always cherish the many wonderful people that he had the honor to know and work with. 


James Christman
Sergeant, University Police Department
18 Years of Service


Ann Conahan
Parking Enforcement Officer, Parking Services
10 Years of Service


Ann Denker
Business Manager, Student Affairs
41 Years of Service

Ann retired in August of 2022. While her career at Lehigh was always in Student Affairs, she also held the position of Executive Secretary. Serving as the Building Monitor for Williams Hall, Ann was responsible for making sure everyone was out and accounted for when a fire alarm went off. In her retirement, she plans to travel and spend time with her grandkids. Ann worked for four Vice Presidents during her time at Lehigh – Preston Parr, Marsha Duncan, John Smeaton and Ric Hall as well as two interim VPs, Pete Beidler and Ian Birky. Ann also took charge of the entire coordinator staff in Student Affairs. 


James Eshleman
Senior Analyst, LTS Technology Infrastructure and Operations
40 Years of Service


Janice Johnston Howie
Program Director, Martindale Center
17 Years of Service


Tahya Keenan
Administrative and Artistic Assistant, Zoellner Arts Center
10 Years of Service

Tahya retired in February, 2022. In her retirement, she is thoroughly enjoying time spent continuing research related to an instrument deeply steeped in ancient Egyptian culture known as the sistrum. Tahya states “I designed a 21st century version of this instrument (that had been buried by the sands of time) and collaborated with a manufacturer based in Florida who is producing it based on my design!”

Tahya says she treasures being a contributing member of the arts community here in the Lehigh Valley that culminated in being a part of a team bringing exemplary programs to the audiences at Zoellner Arts Center from speaker, musical artists, dancers and more. She has a very special place in her  heart for the accomplishments of the Music Masters Mentor Program (3MP) which she initiated and coordinated with Bakithi Kumalo. She writes, “Witnessing a world-renowned, five-time Grammy award-winning musician casually sitting alongside a twelve-year-old, for example, encouraging her to find a way to express the music in her soul through the notes on her trombone is a sight I will always remember! It was a privilege to work with the Zoellner staff to bring wonderful programs from inception to fruition and I now exit stage left toward the wondrous future ahead (continuing to research and offer presentations about the Systrum). I will conclude by saying my father was a Lehigh grad (Class of ‘48); he was very proud of his experiences and education at Lehigh and loved being an alum and now I share his pride albeit not as an alum but as a retired staff member.”


Robert Keyse
Research Scientist, Materials Science and Engineering
12 Years of Service


Carol Laub
Coordinator, English Department
42 Years of Service


Sarah Loosbrock
Computer Operator, LTS Technology Infrastructure and Operations
43 Years of Service


Amy McCrae
Coordinator in Graduate Education and Life
24 Years of Service

Amy retired in October of 2022. Prior to working in Graduate Education, she also worked for Lehigh Support for Community Living and the College of Education. During Amy’s time at Lehigh, she participated in many graduate events. Some of Amy’s most memorable events include Holi, Garba night, Afghan kite flying, bubble soccer, Tuesdays@10 breakfasts, Graduate Women’s Exchange, Renaissance Faire, Horseback riding, crystal cave football games, and tailgating. Amy said she is still getting used to a retirement schedule – or rather non-schedule. She continues to travel with her husband. They’ve been to over 50 countries and will add a few more this year. Amy states that every day she came to work, she never knew what the day would bring. Her love for Lehigh is grounded in her love for the graduate students that utilized their office for help in so many ways -- a place to hang out and make new friends, and a place to meet students in other disciplines. Her job was coordinator, accountant, den mother, guidance counselor, listener, cook, chauffeur, and friend. It was the best job and she still misses the day-to-day interactions with our funny, brilliant grad students and the best colleagues anyone could ask for. 


Marcia McKay
Employment Outreach Coordinator, Center for Career and Professional Development
17 Years of Service


Lawrence Messina
Bus Driver, Transportation Services
11 Years of Service


Theresa Muniz
Coordinator, Accounting Department
10 Years of Service


Rebecca Navedo
Coordinator, Dean of Students – Student Conduct
33 Years of Service

Rebecca retired in December, 2022. She also held positions in Housing Services and Residence Life. During her tenure at Lehigh, Becky participated in SOAR meetings with new staff members across campus. She also participated in certain activities with Gryphons. 

During her retirement, Becky plans on traveling, reading, helping with the women’s ministry in a local church, and walking daily on Lehigh’s campus. 

When asked to share a memory, Becky stated, “I loved working at Lehigh – a place where I learned about the University – learned the names of all the dormitories; learned all the names of the Greek houses and their alphabet names – learned about the process of student conduct. What I enjoyed more was the contact with the students, making friends, being able to help with parent phone calls and meetings, and making many friendships across campus in different departments. My coworkers became my family. Thank you, Lehigh, always in my heart!”

Anne Nierer
Coordinator, Sociology, and Anthropology
25 Years of Service

Anne plans to retire in June, 2023. In addition to Sociology and Anthropology, Ann was a Graduate Coordinator in the English Department; the Business Communications Coordinator in the Undergraduate Dean’s Office in the College of Business; the Administrative Coordinator for the Center for Optical Technologies; and the Graduate Coordinator in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. In her retirement, Ann plans to spend time traveling and gardening. 


Doris Oravec
Financial Manager, ATLSS Engineering Research Center
42 Years of Service

Doris is retiring May 3, 2023. Prior to working at ATLSS, Doris was an Accounting Clerk in the Bursar’s Office, a Software Specialist in the Computing Center (now LTS), and a Contracts and Grants Specialist in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.  During her time at Lehigh, Doris volunteered with the Day of Caring Program painting and cleaning up non-profit sites. After tomorrow, Doris plans to spend more time with loved ones. She looks forward to having more time to cook and tend to her garden. Doris shared that her colleagues in the Computing Center used to call her the SneakerNet. This was in the 80’s before software could be distributed remotely so she would put her sneakers on and walk to the many computer labs around campus and perform software installations. A critical software update was needed one hot and humid August day which also happened to be freshman move-in day (before MOOV program started). She spent a good portion of that day being a friendly face and providing directions and information to the new students and their parents. It was an interesting and memorable day.  


Margaret Petrovich
Security Coordinator, LTS Information Security
44 Years of Service


Debra Rubart
Coordinator, Office of International Affairs
25 Years of Service

Deb retired in April. Before landing in International Affairs, she worked as a secretary in the President’s Office, was a Coordinator in Academic Outreach, as well as a Project Manager in the Provost’s Office.  Deb was actively involved in her 25 years at Lehigh including SOAR (Successful Ongoing Administrative Relationships) in which she conceptualized and led a team in the creation and execution of the onboarding program for new university nonexempt staff. This program provided peer-to-peer support and increased relationship-building with different offices across campus. Deb also worked behind the scenes to set up and formalize the Faculty Staff of Color Network. Deb was also responsible for the Administrative Staff Reference Guide in which she authored an administrative reference manual for university administrative staff that provided information on university-wide administrative processes and contacts. During her tenure at Lehigh, Deb served at ERAC from 2008 to 2011. During that time she held the roles of Secretary, Vice Chair, and Chair – of course, not ALL at the same time! Under Deb’s ERAC chair leadership, ERAC created and established Resources to Engage, Accomplish, Connect & Help (REACH), and worked with Human Resources and held four sessions over two days on Working Effectively with Faculty: A Guide Book for Staff and Managers in which 100 staff members attended. 

Since retiring, Deb is working full-time as an Instructional Designer with Action for Child Protection; doing freelance instructional design work for Mindful Learning Design; is a member of the Board of Directors for Flint Hill Education Center; and volunteers as a Judge for the Lehigh Valley Science and Engineering Research Fair. 


Richard Walters
Boiler Operator, Facilities Services
25 Years of Service


George Yasko
Director of the Health Science Technology Building, Office of Vice Provost for Research 
40 Years of Service

George retired in December. In addition to his role as Director of the HST Building, he also was a Laboratory/Electronics Technician in the Geology and Earth and Environmental Sciences Departments; a Laboratory, Field Technician, Internship Mentor/Coordinator in the Lehigh Earth Observatory (LEO) as well as a Technical and Program Manager in the College of Arts and Sciences – STEPS Operations.  When asked what he is doing now, George replied that he is NOT spending hours answering emails and attending meetings. He IS spending time hanging out and traveling with his wife, Cherie, going on holiday with family and friends, brushing up on the piano, mandolin, baritone ukulele, and didgeridoo, riding his bike, designing and printing 3D things, visiting wineries and breweries mid-weekdays, tinkering, doing nothing, and doing whatever he wants. And he is really really really really enjoying Sunday nights! George also shared that he had many great memories and opportunities presented to him at Lehigh. 

“Being a member of a three-person team and designing, building the electronics, and writing the software for the PISPPI (Portable Pore Pressure Instrument), testing the instruments in Barnegat Bay, NJ, being caught in a quickly developed lightning storm in an aluminum Boston Whaler. Ultimately, accompanied them to the bottom of the Pacific in the submersible ALVIN.  The one position I loved the most was my time with LEO (Lehigh Earth Observatory), having had the opportunity to work with nearly 800 students one-on-one and in small groups over LEO's run on a variety of projects, most of them environmentally based. Some weeks I’d spend most of my days outdoors, providing students with hands-on, real-world experience, thinking, wondering if anyone at Lehigh knows what they are paying me to do.” He is still connected, and gets together with some former LEO students today and attends their weddings! He misses (some of) the work, the challenges, and all of the many great people he enjoyed working with. 

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2022-2023 Spot Bonus Award Recipients

Mandi Alford

Julia Ammary

Michael Anderson

Brenda Bachman

Fred Bechtoldt

Steven Benko

David Bernini

Stefanie Burke

Nicole Burke

Denise Campion

Alyssa Clapp

Lori Claudio

David Coates

Weston Conner

Ryan Correa

Tara Coyle

Susan Disidore

Richard Eime

Brittany Emanuel

Penny Fasching

Micha Fell

Patricia Florkowski

Amanda Fraley

Kathleen Frederick

Gale Fritsche

David Garofalo

Erica Gluszynski

Daniel Goonewardene

Benjamin Grams



Laurie Gray Evans

Mary Sue GulickRosa Guzman

Laine Hardcastle

Joseph Hartner

Carolina Hernandez

Christopher Herrera

Kaleena Hess

Maria Ioannidou

Milton Jenkins

Jason Jones

Cynthia Kane

Jennifer Kershner

Ilena Key

Stacey Kimmel-Smith

Joseph Klocek

Jonis Lainez

Ainsley Lamberton

Linda Lefever

Caitlin Leidy

Amelia Lester Lemmons

Stephen Lewis

Kerry Livermore

Gregg MacKenzie

Mark Makovsky

Heather Messina

James Monek

Christopher Mulvihill

Todd Murray

Scott Nauman



Jesse Pearson

Margaret Petrovich

Marshall Pysher

Sarah Riccaboni

Athena Rivera

Brandin Robinson

Vilma Rodriguez

Deborah Ruthrauff

Jeff Rutt

Roman Ryszewski

Christine Samuel-Maynard

Elise Schaffer

Ashley Sciora

Libby Seyfried

Munroe Sollog

Douglas Spengel

Taylor Storer

Amy Temos

Kara Uhrich

Megan Van Voorhis

James Vincent

James Wagner

Kurt Weber

Kirk Williams

Jeffrey Worman

Holly Zakos

Linda Zaoudeh

Brooke Zellers




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2022-2023 Tradition of Excellence Award Recipients

Stacey Alderfer

Brenda Bachman

Joseph Bates

Rebecca Bruneio

Denise Campion

Mark Canney

Jenny Chao

Meredith Constable

Christopher Creswell

Diane Croke

Kathleen Dugan

Emily Fisher

Richard Houck

Erin Karahuta

Katrina Kraft

Chad Kusko

Heather Messina

Ann Marie Mulhearn

Tania Rossi

Hope Sagnip

Libby Seyfried

Gina Sierzega

Brett Smith

John Troiano

Dominic Wallitsch

Beth Yen

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2022-2023 Athletics Special Achievement Award Recipients

Pattie-Ruth Taylor

Francis Troyan

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