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The Staff Employment Value Strategy is a set of objectives that guide our ongoing efforts to develop and sustain the programs and services that comprise a comprehensive package of rewards for staff. Our main objective is a combination of rewards that appropriately acknowledges the important contributions of our staff to Lehigh’s success. This strategy also enables Lehigh to attract, retain, and motivate highly qualified staff.

Programs will align with Lehigh’s strategic plan, goals, and operational priorities

  • The staff compensation and benefits programs will provide competitive reward opportunities that will serve to attract, retain, motivate, and reward the high quality talent required to ensure Lehigh’s achievement of its strategic goals and the operational goals of the colleges and departments

  • Any rewards or associated programs will be aligned with the priorities of the University and may be modified based on changes to these priorities

A comprehensive package of rewards will acknowledge the important contributions of the staff and will enable Lehigh to attract, retain, and motivate highly qualified staff.  Elements will include:

  • Salary levels that are competitive with Lehigh’s markets, that reflect the economic value of the job, and that reflect the type and quality of work performed

  • Cash-based rewards for performance that directly support achievement of Lehigh’s strategic goals

    • Spot Bonuses for exceptional contributions

    • Tradition of Excellence Awards for discrete meritorious performance

    • University Awards for outstanding achievement and sustained significant contribution

  • Benefits that are equitable and competitive with similar institutions and Lehigh Valley employers

  • Career opportunities for employees who are ready, willing, and able to expand the scope of their responsibilities and increase their contribution to their department, college and the University. Career paths will be defined and articulated wherever possible and may include promotion to a higher level position, increased responsibilities in the current position, and lateral moves to another position or area

  • Professional development that is aligned with department goals and the University’s strategic plan through course work, on-campus training, off-site training, and participation in professional associations that directly impacts an employee’s ability to expand or improve their contribution to Lehigh

  • Work that is interesting and engaging

  • Affiliation with a nationally-recognized university that maintains a closely-knit and collaborative community

The salary program will be benchmarked against the appropriate markets and positioned at a competitive level

  • Peer groups will be of statistically valid size and will be based on objective, stable, and logical criteria such as institutions that are sources and/or destinations of talent, against which performance is calibrated, and that have comparable financial resources

  • The staff pay structure will be positioned at the median competitive salary level of the peer group to recognize the aspirational nature of the competitive market (outside the local market).  Actual pay levels will be based on fiscally responsible practices and Lehigh’s success in achieving its strategic goals

  • Adjustments to market data to reflect geographic differentials may be used when appropriate.

Staff will have clearly articulated, strategically relevant position expectations and accountabilities

  • Position descriptions will clearly describe position expectations and will be reviewed annually to ensure currency

  • Individual performance expectations will be based on the strategic and operational goals of the colleges and departments and will focus on results rather than effort.  Managers will be held accountable for helping their staff achieve performance expectations

  • Operational results will be benchmarked against the peer group for the University, college, or department

Decision making roles for reward programs will be clearly defined to ensure efficiency of process and effectiveness of outcomes

Regular, open communications will provide staff with information about programs and policies

  • Program designs and policies and their link to Lehigh’s values and mission will be openly communicated

  • Communication of all program audits and resulting changes will be timely and efficient and include a clear description of the reason for the changes and implications to employees

  • To ensure that compensation programs reflect the needs of the University, the community will continue to be involved in the assessment of programs.