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Career Management

At Lehigh, we want our employees to be actively engaged in their careers. Over 25 percent of the available classified position openings at Lehigh during the 2011-12 academic year were filled by internal candidates.  

Our Career Management programs are designed to help you assess your goals and then plan and navigate your career path. Our key programs include:

The above programs are offered regularly. Additional programs are also featured each semester. For a current schedule of Career Management programs, go to the Workplace Learning Calendar.

To find out when new classes are forming, or to discuss your career management needs with an HR professional, call or email Judy Zavalydriga (extension 83897 or jaz308@lehigh.edu) or Linda Lefever (extension 85195 or lip3@lehigh.edu).

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Program Descriptions:

Career Power Lunch

Career Power Lunch will have an impact on the way you view and manage your work, your career, and your life. Career Power Lunch helps you think introspectively about your current position and how your personal goals fit in with your career goals. You’ll learn more about Lehigh’s programs and you’ll gain practical skills in vital career development areas.

  • Some of the programs involve preparatory work before the workshop so that participants can get the most out of the session. The goal is for you to better develop your own career road map and the tools necessary to follow the path.

  • You can register for the whole series at once or select those that are of most interest to you. Lunch is provided.

Real Time Coaching for Employees

Real Time Coaching for employees is available by appointment on the first and third Fridays of the month. This is an opportunity to talk to an HR representative about where you are in your work life, avenues for professional growth, your career interests, and more. If you’re a supervisor, this is also a chance to discuss professional development for your staff. Take time to uncover your obstacles and opportunities. 

Career Coaching for Managers

This two part workshop provides managers with ways to grow and retain key talent through professional development and career management. Supervisors will learn to support team members and address current and future staffing needs. Attendance of both sessions is strongly recommended. Lunch will be provided.

  • Part 1: Communication
  • Part 2: Coaching

Resources to Engage, Accomplish, Connect and Help (REACH) is an interdepartmental and university-wide program aimed at fostering professional relationships and networks among faculty and staff. By connecting Lehigh employees with each other and providing opportunities to learn about the university, REACH seeks to advance multiple goals of Lehigh's strategic plan, including investing in faculty and staff, as well as the university's core values and the aims of the Council on Equity and Community.  For more information, visit the REACH page on the ERAC website.