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Current Employment Coordinators

Throughout the campus, there are designated Employment Coordinators who assist staff and supervisors in job searches.

Here is a list of our employment coordinators and the areas they represent:

Name Department Extension Email
Mary Kay Baker Conference Services 85306 mkb1
Elaine Biro Athletics 84290 emb2
Mary Lynn Breiner College of Business 83402 mb00
Heidi Casciano Advancement 85199 hlc1
Ann Denker Student Affairs 83890 ams1
Traci Mindler Communications and Public Affairs 83015 trm211
Don Knowles Facilities Services 83975 djk5
Janele Krzywicki Provost Office / ERAC 83165 jak511
Ainsley Lamberton VP - Research and Graduate Studies 86906 ael204
Stacey Lange College of Engineering 84028 sll208
Ann Marie Luchini Admissions/Financial Aid 83101 aml3
Annette McCans College of Arts and Sciences 84570 anm406
Tammy Friday International Affairs 84873 tjs7
Marlene Peltz Controller's Office 83140 mmp207
Robbyn Seier Payroll 85525 rls209
Pam Steigerwalt LTS 83824 pss2
Janice Stoudt Finance and Administration 83178 jmse
Marlene Vant Hoogt College of Education 83221 mad415
Lori Claudio Human Resources 83916 loc205
Aubrie Fenicle Human Resources 85020 auf214
Monica Guiher Human Resources 85847 mlg414