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HR Publications


An e-newsletter, Spotlight is the primary communication vehicle used to disseminate information to the Lehigh community from Human Resources and other departments on campus. This publication is distributed 11 times per year.

Faculty and Staff Guides

The following guides are designed to familarize you with the procedures, benefits, rights and responsibilities that go along with working at Lehigh. 

The guides are a resource to turn to if you have questions however they are not intended to be full statements of policies or benefits provided by the university. You can access all Finance and Administration and Human Resources policies from this site [Lehigh log-in required]. For guidance in understanding policies, please contact Human Resources at 610-758-3900.

Should the information in these guides and the relevant official policy be inconsistent, Lehigh University's official policy applies. The governing documents for employee benefits are also available in Human Resources.

IBH Frontline Newsletters

Monthly newsletters for employees and supervisors courtesy of Integrated Behavioral Health. Each issue focuses on a specific area of work/life balance.

Frontline Employee
  • February 2016
    • ​Adjusting Your Attitude for More Success
    • Teams That Eat Together Thrive Together
    • Putting Excitement Back In Your Relationship
    • The Art of Accepting Feedback
    • When Does Helping Become Enabling?
  • January 2016
    • Soft Skill: The Ability to Listen
    • Have a Plan to Manage Worrry
    • Easier Management for Difficult Customers
    • Dealing with a Holiday Debt-Hangover
  • December 2015
    • ​Reducing stress during the holidays
    • Walk at 3 mph
    • How to stay calm during a crisis
    • Avoid a digital kidnapping
Frontline Supervisor
  • February 2016
    • How Can the EAP help me maintain high morale among my employees?
    • What role can I play to support my employees and reduce their stress?
    • I saw the word “fear-based workplace” on a LinkedIn post. What does this mean...?
    • How much should a supervisor listen to employees’ problems?
    • I know my role as a manager includes promoting a positive workplace and championing diversity. How can I understand this role better...?
  • January 2016
    • Managing Employees on the Most Depressing Day of the Year
    • Supervisors' Enabling Behaviors
    • Holding Employees Accountable
    • Employees' Personal Problems
    • Clashes Between Employees
  • December 2015
    • ​Documentation without emotions
    • Fear based workplace
    • Gambling addiction
    • Taking breaks