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Career Enrichment @ Lehigh


Career Enrichment at Lehigh (CE@L) features six specialized tracks of courses suited to where you are now or where you want to go. Gain new insights and skills. Focus on trends in higher education, personal growth, and more. Take your career to a new height or in a new direction. 
Build your future with our tools. Click on the tracks to explore further.

For Lehigh's accomplished leaders who have completed Essential Management or a comparable development course.


Level up nomination/approval required.

For university leaders with high potential as change agents in Lehigh's progress toward its organizational goals.


Participants identified by senior leadership.

For managers committed to developing deeper insights and expertise.


Level up nomination/approval required.

For all managers new to Lehigh or to their supervisory position.
For support professionals and independent contributors launching their careers at Lehigh.
Open opportunities in learning for all staff developing and engaging in their career path.

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