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*Achieving Personal Effectiveness High-performing organizations have focused employees who effectively manage their work and are resilient in the face of everyday challenges. In this interactive workshop, you’ll explore professional and personal skills to help you function at your very best. This includes how to focus on what’s important in your daily activities and self-care skills to manage stress and demands. You’ll also be provided time to identify and practice skills: how to set goals, prioritize, manage activities and time, communicate with people, and find meaning in your work each day.

*Better Business Writing Writing is a key means of communicating and demonstrating professionalism on the job. This highly interactive one-day program is designed to help the business communicator improve writing skills. Topics include preparing and organizing ideas, understanding the needs of the reader, avoiding common grammar and spelling mistakes, and editing. Participants have the opportunity to create and edit their own documents.

Collaborating Across Generations In this interactive course, we discuss how world events and influential people shaped each generation and their workplace style, how today’s workforce is changing, and how to use diverse perspectives and best practices to build understanding and productivity.

*Effective Interactions In the workplace, effective interaction skills are critical to building strong relationships, engaging people, and solving problems. This one-day interactive workshop focuses on two core skills: listening and assertive communication. You will self-assess and practice skills, explore the power of listening effectively and being direct, and plan for productive ways to engage people and get results.

*Exceptional Customer Service Every interaction with a customer is a chance to provide exceptional customer service. When customers aren’t satisfied with products or services, the costs to the organization are high. In this one-day interactive workshop, you’ll explore strategies needed for customer service excellence, internally and externally. Emphasis is on identifying goals for your organization and job, how to defuse stressful interactions, and ways to provide the very best experience for every customer. 

Inclusion Insights An expectation of all staff, Inclusion Insights is self-discovery about how our experience drives our assumptions. Develop awareness of our potential blind spots.

*Introduction to Project Management This exciting, one-day introductory program explores the basic skills necessary to become an effective project manager, including meeting management/leadership concepts. Working within the Project Life Cycle (Initiation, Planning, Execution, and Closure), you’ll learn and apply tools that support successful execution.

Learning the Institution (Elective) Whether you have been at Lehigh for 2 months, 2 years or 20 years, there are parts of this large system with which you are unfamiliar. Learning the Institution is an academic year-long program that gives participants a view into the inner workings of the various departments, stems, colleges, and other areas that make up the university. The group meets bi-weekly from September through May and registration is capped at 25 – so it’s good to register early. Contact Mary Jo McNulty in Human Resources ( to express interest.

Not Anymore Staff and faculty online harassment and discrimination training. A requirement of all staff, including managers.

*Problem-Solving Techniques Solving a problem is a process: Define the issue, sort symptoms from causes, generate ideas, make sound decisions, implement the solution, and monitor outcomes to ensure success. This one-day workshop provides a critical-thinking framework to approach problems and decisions in systematic and creative ways. Learn when to solve a problem on your own or benefit from group problem solving. In this interactive program, you will practice and identify practical ways to apply skills every day in the workplace.

*Programs offered by the Center for Business and Industry at Northampton Community College's Fowler Southside Center. To register, contact Mary Jo McNulty in Lehigh HR at 8-3984 or via email.


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