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Lehigh HR believes an equitable, honest, and respectful work environment for all members of our workforce is vital to the success of the university. We work every day to establish and maintain good working relationships among staff, faculty, and supervisors.  

Productive working relationships depend upon open, honest communications. That’s why we strongly encourage direct communication between employees and their supervisors as the best means to enhance understanding, clarify situations, and quickly resolve most issues.

From time to time, however, situations arise and events occur that cannot be brought to a conclusion without additional support. In those cases, HR staff can help remove barriers to work performance and resolve issues of concern. We do this through advice, counseling, facilitated conversations, mediation, and referral.  We can work with departments, managers, and individual employees.

Important Notes

HR staff do not act as advocates for any of the employees or supervisors involved in a particular situation.  We assist with problem-solving and mediation support as a neutral party.

Conversations with Employee Relations staff are kept confidential with the exception of situations that present an imminent threat to life and property or which are in conflict with prevailing laws.

Employee Relations also coordinates career enrichment opportunities to help enhance working relationships and communication thus reducing workplace friction.