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Each Lehigh employee has different needs. That’s why the university offers eligible employees four medical benefit options:

All plans include medical cost protection, prescription drug benefits, mental health coverage, and vision care.  Please refer to the Plan Comparison Charts (links below) for convenient side-by-side comparisons of your options and costs.

The plans are available at full cost to eligible full time visiting faculty and research personnel. They are also available to eligible retirees and their dependents until they reach age 65 at a discounted rate.

Enrolling/Making Changes

New employees should return their enrollment materials to Human Resources as soon as possible after attending benefits orientation, but no more than thirty (30) days after their effective date. If you do not enroll, default coverage in the Comprehensive Major Medical plan will be assigned to you.

Current employees, in general, may make changes to their benefits once a year during the November Open Enrollment period.

If you experience a “Qualifying Life Event,” such as marriage, birth, adoption, divorce, or retirement, you can make changes to your benefits that are related to that event. You must request such changes within thirty (30) days of the event.  

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