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Completing the Fully Remote Work Arrangement Request

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Who initiates a fully remote workplace arrangement request?

A fully remote workplace arrangement request may only be initiated by the supervisor of the position.

What do I need to get started?

You will want to set aside about 20 minutes of time to fill out the form. You should also have the following items on hand before you begin:

  • A copy of the Position Description for the employee

  • Any other materials you believe will assist you in answering the questions on the form regarding your employee's work performance and the strategic value of a fully remote arrangement

What questions will be on the form?

The Docusign form will ask the supervisor provide the following information:

  • Name and contact information of employee
  • The exact address of the proposed remote work location
  • Justification for fully remote work
  • Potential negative outcomes if fully remote work is not approved
  • Employee's schedule
What should supervisors do after completing the form?

The supervisor must review all of the sections of the form with the employee before submitting it to ensure understanding of all terms and conditions of the agreement. Once this takes place, the supervisor can submit the form by clicking the "Finish" button. The form will then be routed to the employee who must also sign the form before the form continues on to the next level of the approval process. The employee must choose their appropriate stem from the dropdown list at the end of the form in order for it to go through the formal approval process.

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