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Keystone Health Plan Central (KHPC or Keystone) is a Capital Blue Cross health maintenance organization or HMO. Participants must work within the provider network, use their primary care providers (PCP), and get referrals to see other doctors. In exchange, they enjoy the lowest premiums and the maximum coverage levels of the four plans available to Lehigh employees. 

  • Covered individuals are required to select a primary care physician (PCP).
  • All services are received from the PCP or by referral from the PCP to another provider.
  • The HMO is not obligated to pay for any care that is not initiated through the PCP. 

Like all of the university’s medical plans, Keystone also includes a prescription drug plan (through Express Scripts) and vision care benefits (through DavisVision)

Behavioral (Mental) Health Benefits

Keystone participants receive behavioral health care benefits through Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH). IBH manages the benefits through assessment, referral, case management, and claims payment. IBH uses their nationwide network of behavioral health professionals and treatment programs and facilities.

To use this benefit, all services must be preauthorized and received within the network. There are no out-of-network benefits available.

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