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Lehigh University's ability to fulfill our mission and strategic plan depends on our ability to recruit, hire, and retain quality employees.

The guiding principles of our staff compensation plan are:

  • Provide competitive reward opportunities to attract, motivate, retain, and reward talented employees

  • Provide competitive salary levels which reflect the economic value of the job as well as the type and quality of work performed

  • Provide staff pay structures positioned at the median competitive salary level

  • Provide individual salary adjustments based on meritorious performance and contributions to the accomplishment of department and institutional goals.

Lehigh provides a staff compensation plan that is both fair and equitable while recognizing university constraints. The plan combines a market-referenced job evaluation process with a flexible salary structure that reflects best practices in compensation design. We conduct various assessments annually to identify and address compensation strategies in order to stay competitive. 

In addition, Lehigh strives to meet the qualifications for paying a living wage based on the MIT Living Wage Calculator. We are committed to continuing to do so and to consistently maintain the compensation posture of Lehigh employees.

Lehigh employees can follow this link to read the Lehigh University Compensation Philosophy. (login required)