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A position description (PD) is a summary of job functions. Lehigh’s position descriptions are designed to provide clear, consistent information about the position’s key accountabilities, job duties, and expectations. They include information about the reporting hierarchy, qualifications (i.e., education, experience, and skills), work schedule, and the work environment.

Position descriptions provide the foundation for various elements of the Lehigh All Staff Employment Rewards (LASER) program including position evaluation, performance management, and professional development.

At Lehigh, every classified* position has a unique position number and a written PD specific to that job. During the job evaluation process, we search for comparable positions within the external market based on the content in the PD. Lehigh positions descriptions for classified* staff positions are maintained in an online PD Tool accessible at the following link:

Position Description Online Tool  (Lehigh log-in required)

When the PD Tool opens, you will need to enter your position number and password. Passwords are case sensitive. Call Human Resources (ext. 83900) for your position number and password if you don't know them.

Finalized PDs may be viewed and/or printed at any time but can be unlocked only by Human Resources. Supervisors may request that a position description be unlocked for editing. Substantial changes must have manager review and approval.

Every new classified position must have a written position description before the position can be filled. Supervisor requests for new position evaluations as well as existing position re-evaluations must be accompanied by a copy of the updated PD.


* Excludes research scientist, research engineer, research associate, and research intern positions.