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Lehigh Graduate Dependent Tuition Benefit

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Lehigh University provides a 100 percent graduate study tuition remission benefit for unmarried, eligible dependent children  of full benefits eligible faculty and staff and their domestic partners.

Benefit Details

  • The benefit is available to salaried faculty and staff members who are regularly scheduled to work at least 75 percent of a full time schedule.
  • The benefit begins with the semester following the start of employment.

Important Conditions and Exclusions

  • The benefit is available to those unmarried children of faculty and staff members who have qualified for admission to a graduate program at the university.
  • Access to this employment benefit does not imply or guarantee that the employee’s unmarried, dependent child will be admitted to a Lehigh University graduate program. The Lehigh University graduate study admission process is highly competitive.
  • Read the definition of an eligible dependent child. In all cases, the unmarried child must be:
  • a full time student pursuing a graduate degree and
  • must be matriculated before age 35 and attend full time thereafter.
  • Students are responsible for paying any fees or other expenses that may be associated with their enrollment at Lehigh University.
  • Benefit is available for courses taken for credit. Courses that are audited (no grade, no credits earned) are not eligible for tuition remission.
  • The benefit does not apply to online or distance education courses that are also available in a traditional classroom format.
  • If the course is only available in an online or distance education format, tuition remission may apply. However, there may be additional fees imposed that are not covered under the benefit. See the Distance Education Tuition Remission policy regarding fees.
  • Tuition remission may be applied to Maintenance of Candidacy (MOC) credits for doctoral degrees only. [The MOC credit used in conjunction with master programs does not count towards the master's degree requirements and is therefore ineligible for tuition remission.]
  • The full value of Lehigh University’s graduate tuition benefit for unmarried dependent children is taxable to the employee. Taxes will be withheld from the employee’s pay at a rate reflecting this income.

Utilizing the Benefit

  • There are no forms to fill out but please contact Human Resources as soon as you know your child is enrolling at Lehigh. We will answer any questions you may have, confirm benefit eligibility, and notify the Bursar's Office to apply tuition remission to your student's account. 

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