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Market Referenced Job Evaluation Process

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Lehigh uses a market-referenced job evaluation process to review and classify positions. This system takes a holistic approach that is based on the external labor market while also focusing on internal factors that help define and differentiate jobs.  

From a broad perspective, the program is designed to address two basic questions:

  • How to pay for the job, regardless of who is in the position?
  • How to pay the particular individual performing the job?

Paying for the job involves defining the appropriate market, "matching" the job within that market, and assigning the job to a salary grade within the established salary structure. Using this process, job content and role determines the appropriate salary grade.

Each grade has a defined salary range but the actual amount to be paid to any given individual within that salary range is determined by a number of factors. Paying the individual involves evaluating the skills, knowledge, experience, and performance of that individual to determine the appropriate position within a salary grade range.

There are several components involved in the job evaluation process: