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Lehigh offers a group of valuable services from third party providers aimed at helping you make make the most of your benefits. These services include helping you with billing questions, second opinions, understanding your flexible benefits and more.

With so many services available we know it can sometimes be confusing to know which to use in what situation. Here's an at-a-glance look at four of our most popular offerings and how to know which is the right one for you.


Extended Benefits At-A-Glance


What Do You Need?
Suggested Vendor
Products and Services Include

I have a question about using my flexible benefits (medical, vision, prescription, dental, flexible spending accounts, and supplemental life insurance).


Toll-free phone number and email address staffed by a team trained in understanding and explaining Lehigh's benefits.

Contact Benefits VIP
Phone: 866-293-9736

I have an insurance bill that I think is wrong and I need help disputing it with my insurance company.

My medical/dental procedure was denied by the insurance carrier and I want to appeal the decision.

I'm trying to navigate eldercare for my loved one.


Personal health advocates will help resolve complex issues including eldercare, resolving claim disputes, and uncovering billing mistakes. Visit the HealthAdvocate website and select the Member Login option. Type Lehigh University in the box to access your HealthAdvocate services.

I (or my dependent) have received a diagnosis for a serious condition and am contemplating treatment options, including surgery alternatives

My Medical Ally

(formerly Consumer Medical)

Services include surgery decision support, verification of physician credentials, second opinion assistance, and connection to experts in specific diagnoses.

I need help for me or my dependent experiencing alcohol and other substance abuse; marital and family difficulties; financial or legal troubles; emotional distress

Employee Assistance Program


Lehigh's employee assistance program, offers confidential access to professional counseling services including problem assessment, short-term counseling, referral to appropriate community and private services, and more.