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Foundations of Management


This program is designed to transition first time managers to the Core Managerial Success Factors at Lehigh. Learn expectations of communicating in our culture, policies and practices of importance as you step into the role. Foundations is a platform for essential learning; a supervisor’s “need to know”.  Come and confer with colleagues facing similar challenges.



  • Provide a consistent set of expectations of managers at Lehigh to be successful in their role 
  • Provide understanding of employment law, application and resources, how to proactively avoid pitfalls, and what to do in cases where practice is in question
  • Ensure that supervisors understand the essentials of performance management, setting goals, providing feedback, coaching, and holding themselves and others accountable 
  • Understand the core values of Lehigh and how to support a community of equity and inclusion
  • Build broad base knowledge and collaborative networks across Lehigh


Required Courses

New Employee Orientation (NEO): Essential to the onboarding of any new hire at Lehigh; offered quarterly. 

Crash Courses for Managers (2 hours per topic; Crash Courses are offered over spring and fall semesters):

Session Title

Navigating Employment Law

Builds an understanding of Human Resource law (Workplace, FML, ADA, Harassment, FLSA, Title IX, Unconscious Bias Discrimination, etc.) Learn what it is and what resources to tap into when in doubt.

Judy Zavalydriga


Leading at Lehigh

Focuses on individual development and effectiveness, the power of communication and the necessity of collaboration in the Lehigh culture.

Judy Zavalydriga

Salary Administration 101


This information session will provide an overview of how Lehigh’s compensation system works through review of salary policies and guidelines.

Lori Claudio



Coaching for Performance

From dialog to documentation to coaching for continuous improvement, this is an essential for all supervisors and managers.  Learn about developing your staff through feedback and accountability.

Linda Lefever


Resourcefulness in Conflict

Learn your resources to deepen your understanding, communication and decision making in challenging circumstances.

Judy Zavalydriga


Equitable Workplace

Understand the legal and Lehigh expectations for a culture of respect; free of harassment, hostility and retaliation.

Karen Salvemini

Rewards, Recognition and Wellness

This information session will cover the principles of the University’s staff recognition awards and explain how you can fully utilize one or more of the three recognition programs for your staff and/or colleagues.

Mary Jo McNulty

Conducting an Effective Search

Teams are seldom static.  What steps will you take to replace, retain, redesign, and recruit when presented with that opportunity?

Lori Claudio


You have recruited, searched, interviewed and offered a position to your candidate.  Now what?  How do you introduce your new hire to their space, colleagues, network, accountabilities and processes and culture in a paced and effective way?

Lori Claudio

Aubrie Fenicle

Leading Across Generations: During this two hour workshop, we will discuss how world events and influential people shaped each generation and their workplace style, how today's workforce is changing, and how to use diverse perspectives and best management practices to build understanding and productivity. 

Inclusion Insights: An expectation of all staff, Inclusion Insights is self-discovery about how our experience drives our assumptions. Develop awareness of our potential blind spots. (2.5 hours)


Elective Course(s)

Learning the Institution: An elective for all staff, but not to be missed.  The demand exceeds our ability to meet, so you may encounter a wait list.  This will not preclude you from achieving certification but get on that list early…you will not be disappointed.  (2 hours each/18 sessions/ September thru May). Email Mary Jo McNulty, mjd4@lehigh.edu, to register.


Additional Resources