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Information for Directors of Programs Involving Minors

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In accordance with the university's Protection of Minors Policy, before engaging in any program involving minors, Program Directors must satisfy a number of requirements.

Third parties that operate programs in Lehigh facilities must comply with this policy as well as their own relevant policies. Third parties contracted or otherwise engaged by the university to perform services on the university’s behalf must adhere to the principles of Lehigh's policy. 

Program Registration

All programs involving minors must be registered by the Program Director or their designee on an annual basis through the university’s online registration system.  Such registration should be completed at least sixty (60) days prior to the start of the program or, if such advance registration is not possible in such a timeframe, as soon as information is available to submit through the online registration system (available at  Written advance approval in the form of a Docusign signature from a Protection of Minors Committee member is required before the event date.

Program registration does not equate to program approval. 

Parent/Guardian Release Form 

All program involving minors must collect signed release forms from the parent or legal guardian of participating minors. These forms must be kept on file for no less than six years. 


University faculty and staff, as well as student workers and volunteers working with minors have a duty to report abuse of minors and must complete appropriate training. All third party organizations that seek to operate a program or activity involving minors on Lehigh campus must provide documentation to the university upon the university’s request indicating that all individuals who will be interacting with minors (and anyone who supervises such individuals) have completed training that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of Lehigh's Protection of Minors Policy. For more information and links to the training programs, see the Training section of this website.

Use of University Housing or Dining Facilities

Use of university housing or dining facilities for third party programs involving minors requires execution of a Conference Services License Agreement or other university form as approved by the Office of the General Counsel.

Use of Other University Facilities 

Use of Lehigh facilities that do not include housing or dining services for third party programs involving minors requires execution of a Facilities Use Agreement, or other University form as approved by the Office of the General Counsel, between the university and the third party.