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Protection of Minors - Reporting Abuse

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Who Must Report and How to Report 

Every member of the Lehigh University community – including all faculty, staff, students and volunteers - has the duty and obligation to immediately report suspected instances of the Abuse of Minors as outlined in Section 5 of the Protection of Minors Policy.

What Must Be Reported

When in connection with your University employment or work or your volunteer service or any other involvement with a University-sponsored program or other program, you reasonably suspect an act of abuse or neglect of a minor, you must report it.  You must report acts of abuse or neglect of a minor that you have actual knowledge of, see, or have a reasonable cause to suspect based upon your own observations or knowledge, or based upon information shared with you by the minor or any other information about an identifiable minor.

How to Report Abuse of a Minor 

If you see, have knowledge of or reasonably suspect that an act of abuse of a minor has occurred, you must act immediately by making a report to law enforcement and state authorities as follows:

  • Immediately contact the Lehigh University Police Department (LUPD) at 610-758-4200.  Reports can be made 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
  • Immediately make an oral report to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services via ChildLine 1-800-932-0313 or an electronic report using the Child Welfare Portal at  Reports can be made 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.  

Solely informing a supervisor that you suspect abuse or neglect of a minor is NOT sufficient under this Policy or the law.  In deciding whether or not to make a report, you are not required to have proof that Abuse or neglect has occurred.  You should err on the side of making a report if you have any doubt or uncertainty about whether to make a report.  You may also consult with the Protection of Minors Committee for guidance regarding the applicability of this Policy.

For More Information

Additional information regarding the reporting process and investigations can be found in the Protection of Minors Policy.

For more guidance, you may also contact the Protection of Minors Committee via email.