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Performance Management

Performance Management is more than an annual appraisal. It’s a year-round process designed to help you achieve your highest potential in your role at Lehigh.  It’s all about communication, two way communication. And it’s not only WHAT you do – your key accountabilities, it’s also HOW you do your job – success factors.Four times a year, employees and managers are encouraged to talk about performance. We hope managers and employees meet and talk more than four times a year, but four conversations about performance are recommended. 

At Lehigh, we believe that employees and managers who work together to understand expectations, set goals, plan work, assess, and revise get better results. 

Understanding Expectations

Gaining a full understanding of your role and its place within Lehigh is key to your success.  The more we understand our job and our role within the department, the easier it is to contribute in a meaningful way. Here are some resources to help you and your supervisor be confident that you have a shared understanding of the expectations of your position:

Setting Goals

Performance goals provide the basis for ongoing discussions between employees and supervisors.  Well-defined goals can be incredibly motivating. The following handout provides information about goals and explains how to develop meaningful "S.M.A.R.T." goals:

Planning Work

Once you've established expectations and set your goals with your supervisor, the next step in the performance process is to plan your work. There is no single ideal way for all staff to plan their work. Each of us need to find and develop our own work planning style.

Peformance Feedback

Ongoing feedback is essential for year-round performance management. Staff and supervisors share the responsibility of monitoring performance and initiating conversations about it. You should be tracking performance of ongoing key accountabilities and progress towards the goals that you and your supervisor have established together. It is the supervisor's role to provide coaching and balanced feedback on a regular basis.

If an employee receives an overall performance rating of "needs improvement" or "unsatisfactory," that employee will work with his or her supervisor to develop a Performance Improvement Plan. Please contact Linda Lefever or Judy Zavalydriga for assistance.

In addition to the quarterly performance discussions that are expected to happen throughout the year, there is also a formal annual performance feedback form. New employees and employees who transfer to a new position within Lehigh receive documented feedback after the six month provisional period of employment.

Revising the Work Plan

The performance discussion that takes place as part of the annual appraisal process becomes the transition between reviewing past results and planning assignments and setting expectations for the next performance cycle.

Learn More

  • Workplace Learning Programs include performance management seminars and appraisal workshops for both employees and supervisors at various times each year. Check the WLP calendar for upcoming dates.