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Reviewing and Approving an Offer

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The offer is always created by HR and then sent to hiring managers and/or employment coordinators for approval. The hiring manager and employment coordinator will be alerted via email that there is an offer to approve. 

Offers are not sent to applicants as email attachments; they are sent to the applicant’s user profile in PageUp, where they can accept or decline the offer electronically.

View and Review the Offer
  • The approver will receive an email with the subject: Offer Approval

  • From within that email, click the link Click Here

  • Click View (on the right hand side of the page, next to the candidate’s name)

    • This will open their offer card

  • Review all information to ensure accuracy

  • Scroll to the Offer Documents section

  • Select View (on the right hand side, next to the offer template)

  • A copy of the offer will download automatically

    • Review the offer letter for accuracy

If Changes are Needed
  • Decline the offer by selecting Decline (at the bottom of the window)

  • Enter reason for decline in the text box

  • Click Save

If No Changes Are Needed
  • Select the Approve button (at the bottom of the window) 

  • This will send the offer either to the next person in the approval chain, or back to HR

After the offer has been approved by all