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Gaining a full understanding of your role and its place within Lehigh is key to your success.  The more we understand our job and our role within our departments, the easier it is to contribute in a meaningful way. Performance management at Lehigh is based on three important factors.

  1. Setting and achieving goals related to job accountabilities. Job accountabilities describe WHAT employees are expected to do in their jobs. You will find your accountabilities in your position description.

  2. Performing job accountabilities in alignment with the university's Success Factors. Success Factors describe HOW work gets done as individuals strive to achieve successful outcomes. Success factors encompass a variety of attributes which may reflect attitude or commitment as well as behaviors.

  3. Commitment to fulfilling the Principles of our Equitable Community. Lehigh takes seriously its ongoing work to create an inclusive and equitable campus.

Here are some resources to help you and your supervisor be confident that you have a shared understanding of the expectations of your position: