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I don’t know that any one of us could tell the complete story of Bethlehem. Each of the members of the coalition has a piece of this history to share.

Julia M. 
Project Manager, Digital Scholarship
Library and Technology Services

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Part of the reason that I accepted the position was because I was aware of the Faculty and Staff of Color Network. Almost immediately upon my arrival on campus, I was invited to an event.

Twana W. 
Director, Undergraduate Programs
College of Business and Economics

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Jumping into Be Well right after I got here, it felt like Lehigh cared, that Lehigh is committed to making sure their employees are happy and healthy.

Phil I.
Audio Coordinator
Zoellner Arts Center

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I’ve always had a love of literature and I thought ‘I can go for free!’ so I started working on my MA in English.

Heather S.
Humanities Librarian, Library and Technology Services
PhD Candidate, Department of English

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You get support for things you want to do whether it’s directly related to your job or maybe something you’re interested in, like academic outreach. There’s a strong sense of community here.

Denise B.
Manager, General Chemistry Labs
Chemistry Department

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Some may think electrical is the same thing over and over again, but it's not. There are always differences even if you’re doing the same task. No two houses are wired exactly the same, our older buildings at Lehigh have structural challenges. I’m never bored. I could do this day and night.

Roman R.
Maintenance Technician

Facilities Services 

I appreciate the green and open spaces of the U.S. Each day, I notice new things. It might be easy to take for granted all the stuff that’s around you, especially if you’re from this country.

Neha K.

Graphic Designer
University Communications


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