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Benchmark vs. Non-benchmark Jobs

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The benchmarking of jobs refers to our ability to match specific jobs to comparable jobs in the labor market.

Benchmark Jobs

A benchmark job is one that has a standard and consistent set of responsibilities from one organization to another and for which data is available in valid and reliable salary surveys.

To classify a benchmark job, data is compiled from appropriate salary surveys to determine the median salary rate for the job. The job is then "slotted" into the salary grade with a grade midpoint that is closest to the median salary reported in the surveys.


Non-benchmark Jobs

Non-benchmark jobs are those for which valid and reliable salary survey data is not available. They may be jobs that are unique to our organization. Or, they could be jobs that simply can’t be accurately matched to comparable positions in published surveys.

To determine the salary grade for a non-benchmark job at Lehigh, we follow a methodical approach that includes these steps:

  • Assign the position to one of Lehigh's job families
  • Compare non-benchmark jobs to benchmark jobs within the same job family based on factors important to that job family (i.e., skill requirements, management responsibilities, educational requirements, decision-making responsibilities, etc.)
  • “Slot” the job into the appropriate salary grade and position within the range relative to other positions within that job family.