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Eligibility for participation in the benefit programs is dependent on the type of position you hold and your work schedule. Select the category that matches your position to learn more about your eligibility.


Staff Members

Salaried employees in classified positions.

Faculty Members

Those employees whose primary job assignment is instruction at the collegiate level. Individuals who hold faculty rank but are currently performing work that is primarily administrative are considered Exempt Staff Members for benefit purposes.

Centennial School Employees 

Salaried employees working at the Centennial School.

Research Personnel

Salaried employees who perform work primarily related to scientific research, engineering design and analysis, problem solving, technology transfer to industry, or special education and human services field based programs.


Former employees who left the University after reaching age 59-1/2 and completing 10 continuous years of full time benefits eligible service or after reaching age 55 and completing 25 continuous years of full time benefits eligible service to the University.

Temporary and/or Wage Employees (non-student)

Individuals employed on a temporary, as needed basis.

Dependent Eligibility

An explanation of who can be covered by your Lehigh benefits.