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Alight Expert Medical Opinion Service

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Lehigh University has contracted with Alight to provide expert medical opinion services.  


Alight will help you get better care and make medical decisions easier for you and your dependents. Their team of doctors, nurses, and researchers can help you understand a diagnosis and provide objective medical information. Their services include:

  • Finding the best doctors and hospitals in your area and insurance network
  • Verifying any doctor’s credentials, skills, and experience in treating your condition
  • Getting a second opinion from top specialists in the country, and arranging a virtual second opinion consultation
  • Connecting with experts in your diagnosis from leading medical institutions
  • Helping you understand the risks and benefits of surgery, alternative treatment options, and pain management techniques

This valuable benefit is available at no cost to:

  • All full-time benefits eligible employees and their eligible dependents regardless of whether they are enrolled in Lehigh's medical insurance
  • Those individuals who are enrolled in Lehigh's medical plan through Long Term Disability, COBRA, ACA eligibility and Eligible Retirees
Educational Webinars

In addition to providing direct services to staff and faculty, Alight also offers educational resources about a wide range of medical subjects. Their quarterly webinars can be viewed live or on-demand. Lehigh employees will also have access to the library of prior webinars that includes topics such as improving sleep, heart disease, women’s reproductive health, low back pain, and recommended health screenings for your 30s, 40s and 50s. You can peruse the current library of webinars here.

Learn More About Alight

View these brief videos to learn more about Alight's services.

Connecting with Alight

When you find yourself in need of the kinds of services Alight provides, you should contact them directly. There is no need to contact Human Resources first. You can connect with Alight via phone, web and app.

Phone: 1-888-361-3944
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Eastern

MyMedicalAlly App: Download free from the App Store or Google Play

To access services on the web or the app, you will need to create an account. Click "Enroll Now" on the website or "Sign Up" on the app and follow the directions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Alight Overview

What is Alight?

Alight is a free benefit that can help participants find the right doctor and get high-quality medical care. Alight provides personalized information and one-on-one support to help participants: 

  • Find the best doctors and hospitals in their area and insurance network 
  • Verify any doctor’s credentials, skills, and experience treating their condition 
  • Get a second opinion from top specialists, either in person or virtually 
  • Connect with experts in their diagnosis from leading medical institutions 
Who delivers this service?

Alight is a medical research and information company staffed by highly experienced, independent doctors, nurses, and researchers. Alight’s physicians are affiliated with top medical schools. 


Is Alight affiliated with a medical insurance company?

No, Alight is an independent company and is not affiliated with any insurance company. 

Eligibility and Cost

Who is eligible for this service?

Lehigh University is pleased to offer this valuable benefit at no cost to all full-time benefits eligible employees and their eligible dependents, whether covered by Lehigh's medical plan or another medical plan. This benefit is also extended to those who are enrolled under Lehigh's medical plan through Long Term Disability, COBRA, ACA eligibility and Eligible Retirees. 

Do participants have to pay for access to Alight?

No, Lehigh University covers the cost of the Alight service. 

Programs and Services

Does Alight offer second opinions?

Alight can support participants seeking a second opinion by identifying the most qualified doctors and hospitals in their area and insurance network, verifying a doctor’s skills and experience treating their specific condition, and checking the credentials of a participant’s current doctor. Alight can also arrange for virtual second opinion consultations with top specialists across the country. 

How can Alight help participants who need surgery?

Alight can help participants better understand their diagnosis, the risks and benefits of all treatment options, how to prepare for surgery, and what to expect during recovery and beyond. If a participant’s doctor has recommended elective lower back surgery, hip replacement, knee replacement, hysterectomy, or weight loss surgery, Alight’s Surgery Decision Support® program can help them decide whether the recommended surgery is their best option.

To encourage participants to be well-informed about these elective procedures, Alight offers a $400 prepaid card for participating in this program. Emergency procedures do not qualify for the incentive, and other restrictions may apply. Participants must start the program at least 30 days before a planned surgery, work with an Alight Nurse Ally, and complete a short survey at the end to qualify for the prepaid card. Participants will receive their prepaid card in the mail 2 to 4 weeks after they have completed the survey. Alight pays for the prepaid card, which may be taxable for federal, state and local purposes. Participants are responsible for any taxes owed as a result of receipt of the prepaid card and should consult an attorney or tax advisor regarding their specific situation. 


Using Alight

What happens when a participant calls Alight?

An Alight representative will greet the participant and request their name, address, employer, and their needs and preferences for finding a doctor or hospital. They will also set up an account to allow them to access information in the Alight participant portal. After the initial information is collected, an Alight Ally Team will be assigned to work with the participant and will begin compiling personalized information immediately. A Nurse Ally will serve as the participant’s primary point of contact and provide support with help from a physician and medical researcher. 

Can a participant call more than once?

Absolutely. Participants are encouraged to contact Alight as many times as they would like for additional support or new information. 

Accessing Alight

How can a participant learn more and enroll in Alight?

Participants can call Alight at 1-888-361-3944 (toll-free), visit, or download the MyMedicalAlly app from the App Store or Google Play. You will need to create an account by clicking the "Enroll Now" button on the website or the "Sign Up" button on the app. New registrants will need to create a username and password and enter “Lehigh” as the company code. 

When is Alight open?

Alight representatives are available by phone Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern. After hours, a voicemail may be recorded, and messages will be returned within three hours on the next business day (unless the caller specifies a callback time). Participants may also visit or download the MyMedicalAlly app for instant access to information on a variety of common health topics.