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Onboarding for New Employees

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Your onboarding tasks are important because they help inform and guide you as you adjust to your new employer and work culture.

You will receive email reminders if you do not complete them.

Remember onboarding is a process not an event! Check back often.

Accessing Onboarding Tasks Before Starting at Lehigh
Accessing Onboarding Tasks After Your First Day
Viewing and Completing Your Onboarding Tasks
  • The task list displays on the right hand side of the page 

  • Tasks are organized based on their timeframe. These include:

    • Before your first day

    • On your first day

    • Your first week

    • Your first month

  • Click each task and read the instructions

  • After completing a task, click Mark as completed or Close

    • Marking a task as complete will remove it from the task list

    • A task that requires supervisor action will be removed from the task list after the supervisor completes it