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Complaint Resolution Network

Any member or guest of the Lehigh University community who believes he or she has been subject to or has witnessed harassment, discrimination, or a similar offense is encouraged to confer promptly with one of the following key contact people for formal complaints or any contact within the network for informal complaint resolution.

The individuals listed here are designated primary contacts for general information about harassment and discrimination issues. They may also assist in the formal or informal resolution of complaints as indicated in the below.


Harassment Policy Officer
Lee Kern College of Education lek6 83267
Faculty Investigators
Arthur King CBE/Economics aek0 85284
Linda Lowe-Krentz CAS/Biological Sciences ljl0 85084
Richard Sause RCEAS/Civil & Environmental Engineering rs0c 83565
Key Contacts for FORMAL Complaints - Students
Sharon Basso Dean of Students Office sbr2 84156
Chris Mulvihill Dean of Students Office cjm9 86598
Rita Jones Women's Center rmj207 86484
Key Contacts for FORMAL Complaints - Faculty & Staff
Linda Lefever Human Resources Office lip3 85195
Judith Zavalydriga Human Resources Office jaz308 83897
Vincent Munley Provost's Office vqm0 85923
Contacts for INFORMAL Complaint Resolution/General Information - Colleges
College of Arts & Sciences
Hall College of Arts & Sciences deh211 84570
Phil Clauser College of Arts & Sciences pjc3 83306
Frank Davis College of Arts & Sciences fld1 83301
Diane Hyland College of Arts & Sciences dth1 83303
Garth Isaak College of Arts & Sciences gi02 84282
Lucy Gans Art & Architecture lcg0 85619
Murray Itzkowitz Biological Sciences mi00 83694
Robert Flowers Chemistry rof2 84048
Scott Gordon English spg4 83320
Stephen Cutcliffe History shc0 83350
John Smith History jks0 83365
Henri Barkey International Relations hjb2 83384
Jack Lule Journalism jl0d 84177
Wei-Min Huang Mathematics wh02 83735
Antonio Prieto Modern Language & Literature ap01 83088
Nadine Sine Music njs0 83834
Robin Dillon Philosophy rsd2 83776
Volkmar Dierolf Physics vod2 83915
Richard Matthews Political Science rm02 83343
Michael Raposa Religion Studies mir0 83354
Judith Lasker Sociology & Anthropology jnl0 83811
Nicola Tannenbaum Sociology & Anthropology nt01 83829
Erica Hoelscher Theatre ebh2 83637
Deborah Sacarakis Zoellner Arts Center ds00 85330
College of Business & Economics
Andrew Ward Graduate Programs Office anw309 85285
Katrina Zalatan Undergraduate Programs Office kaz409 84498
Parveen Gupta Accounting ppg0 83443
James Dearden Economics jad8 85123
Richard Kish Finance & Law rjk7 84205
Robert Trent Management rjt2 84952
David Griffith Marketing dag312 86530
College of Education
Gary Sasso College of Education gms208 83221
Ward Cates College of Education wmc0 83249
Michael George Centennial School mpg6 610-266-6500
Arpana Inman Education & Human Services agi2 84443
College of Engineering & Applied Science
David Wu College of Engineering & App. Sci. sdw1 85308
John Coulter College of Engineering & App. Sci. jc0i 86310
Stacey Lange College of Engineering & App. Sci. sll208 84028
Gregory Tonkay College of Engineering & App. Sci. glt0 84040
Mayuresh Kothare Chemical Engineering mvk2 86654
Daniel Lopresti Computer Science & Engineering dal9 85782
Filbert Bartoli Electrical & Computer Engineering fjb205 84070
Tamas Terlaky Industial & Systems Engineering tat208 84050
Helen Chan Materials Science & Engineering hmc0 85554
D. Gary Harlow Mechanical Eng. & Mechanics dgh0 84127
Contacts for INFORMAL Complaint Resolution/General Information - Admin Areas
Joe Kender Advancement JKender 85535
Heidi Casciano Advancement hlc1 85199
Lorraine Wiedorn Advancement lms1 84874
John Welty Advancement jww211 83122
Robert Wolfenden Alumni Relations rww3 83133
Communications & Public Affairs
Fred McGrail Communications & Public Affairs fjm208 84487
Stephen Oblas Communications  Public Affairs sjo3 83018
Ira Rubien Communications & Public Affairs ilr212 81620
Dale Kochard Community & Regional Affairs dak304 85834
Finance & Administration
Steve Guttman Budget Office sjg2 84839
Mark Ironside Business Services mri205 83843
Van Dobson Facilities Services & Campus Planning hvd211 83970
Denise Blew Finance & Administration dmb3 83179
Toni Lee Febbo Human Resources tlf1 83896
Linda Lefever Human Resources lip3 85195
Judy Zavalydriga Human Resources jaz308 83897
International Affairs
Vice President/Vice Provost International Affairs  invpoia 82981
Stacy Burger International Services stb206 83014
Richard Brandt Iacocca Institute rmb4 86485
Library & Technology Services
Bruce Taggart Library & Technology Services bmt2 83025
Pam Steigerwalt Library & Technology Services pss2 83824
James Young Library & Technology Services jby211 84645
Tim Foley LTS / Client Services tjf0 83997
Greg Skutches LTS / Faculty Development grs206 84932
President & General Counsel Offices
Alice Gast President apg206 83157
Erik Walker President's Office erw209 83131
Bill Whitney President's Office wrw210 83156
Heather Hosfeld General Counsel Office heh204 86689
Frank Roth General Counsel Office far4 83572
Peter Gilbert Investment Office pmg207 83034
Provost & Related Areas
Pat Farrell Provost pvf209 83605
Pat Mann Provost's Office pam8 83813
Vincent Munley Provost's Office vgm0 85923
Henry Odi Academic Diversity huo0 83813
Angela Scott Academic Outreach ans712 84802
Leon Washington Admissions & Financial Aid jnw207 85715
Bruce Bunnick Admissions brb5 84681
John Morganelli Admissions jmm412 86067
Karen Adams Athletics kaa0 84318
Joe Sterrett Athletics jds7 84320
William Griffin Athletics wpg207 84301
Lloyd Steffen Chaplain lhs1 83877
Gary Lutz Institutional Research jgl3 83708
Emil Gnasso Registrar emg3 83191
Research & Graduate Studies
Alan Snyder Research & Graduate Studies ajs410 86120
Ainsley Lamberton Research & Graduate Studies ael204 86906
Thomas Meischeid Research & Sponsored Projects tjm5 83021
William Michalerya Government Affairs wdm1 85483
Kathleen Hutnik Graduate Student Life kaha 83648
Vito Gallo State Relations vgg2 85801
Student Affairs
John Smeaton Student Affairs jws2 83890
Ian Birky Counseling Center itb0 83880
Cheryl Ashcroft Dean of Students Office caa4 84152
Sharon Basso Dean of Students Office sbr2 84156
Steve Dutton Dean of Students Office sld211 81300
Allison Gulati Dean of Students Office anw8 86598
Katherine Lavinder Dean of Students Office kwl211 84159
Jessica Manno Dean of Students Office jeml 86598
Lori McClaind Dean of Students Office lob3 81300
Chris Mulvihill Dean of Students Office cjm9 86598
Allison Ragon Dean of Students Office alr404 81300
Jenn Scaia Dean of Students Office jes208 86598
Tim Wilkinson Dean of Students Office tsw205 84157
Susan Kitei Health & Wellness Center sck0 83870
Thomas Novak Health & Wellness Center tjn3 83870
Tyrone Russell Multicultural Affairs tyr208 85973
Maddy Eadline Special Projects mce3 84811
Ed Shupp University Police eks0 84202
Brooke DeSipio Women's Center bed4 85808
Rita Jones Women's Center rmj207 86484