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Your First Year and Beyond


Most positions at Lehigh are cyclical in nature, requiring a full year to fully learn the job. Your one year service milestone is an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments and challenges. In doing so, also look ahead to the future; find ways to initiate changes that will improve efficiency and effectiveness in the performance of your job.

  • Continue Building Competency and Expertise - Look for ways to be more efficient and effective in carrying out your job duties and responsibilities. Continue to ask questions and seek clarifications, as needed. Take on challenging projects to expand your knowledge and skill set.

    • Consult your Job Family Compass for information related to your job family including the skill sets and competency success factors important for long term performance and achievement in your career

  • Continue to Build Connections – With more than 1,700 people working at Lehigh, it takes time to build relationships. Looking for new ideas? We encourage you to visit our Engage Lehigh page.

  • Consider Earning a New Degree - Lehigh's generous benefits include free undergraduate and graduate degree tuition at Lehigh as well as the colleges of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges. Think about joining many of your colleagues who have advanced their education while working at Lehigh. Learn more here.