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Flexplace and Remote Resources
Videos, articles, podcasts, and more to help managers and employees thrive.
  Intro to Leading Flexplace and Remote Teams Training

Join Chris Halladay to learn more about the reasons why Lehigh adopted the Flexplace and Fully Remote Work Arrangement policies.


  Register for Leading Flexplace and Remote Teams

Join us for this workshop, which focuses on best practices for leading and engaging employees in both flexplace and fully remote environments. We'll discuss Lehigh policies, ways to promote flexibility, and how to manage requests and unique situations. You'll also have the opportunity to network with colleagues at Lehigh to discuss challenges and learn more about what strategies have worked well for them.

  Leading at a Distance

In this 36 minute LinkedIn Learning Course, instructor Kevin Eikenberry lays out how to lead effectively from a distance. He dives into the basics of remote leadership, such as how working remotely changes interpersonal dynamics. Plus, he shares tips for getting results at a distance—including how to provide remote coaching and feedback—as well as how to build trust, set reasonable boundaries as a long-distance leader, and more. Visit this link to activate your LinkedIn Learning account (if you haven't done so already).


  4 Lessons the Pandemic Taught Us About Work, Life and Balance | Patty McCord

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work for good. Can it also change it for the better? In this TED Talk, consultant Patty McCord reviews four key insights employers and employees alike gleaned from their shift to working from home and shares how companies can use what they learned in lockdown to creatively and innovatively rethink how we do business.

  Things I Learned After Five Years on a Hybrid-Remote Team

Ali Riehle is a Freelance Designer and Researcher who has worked remotely since August 2018. In this article, Ali shares her perspective on what it's like to work remotely and tips for engaging hybrid-remote teams.

  Employees Are Lonelier Than Ever. Here's How Employers Can Help.

Loneliness comes with many negative side effects, and rates of loneliness at work have risen thanks to the pandemic. While increasing face-to-face interaction may be beneficial for some aspects of work, it’s not enough to create strong interpersonal bonds among colleagues. Whatever form the return to the workplace takes, building high-quality connections will require a focused set of structures and practices built on a bedrock of psychological safety. The author presents five important elements to consider.

  The Future of Work is Hybrid: Here's How to Thrive in the New Normal

In this conversation, Lehigh University alumna and CEO of Virtual Work Insider Sacha Connor pulls from more than a decade of remote leadership experience to share three things companies and individuals can do to thrive in a hybrid work environment, tactics for combating remote fatigue, and how to build team culture—not just camaraderie—in a virtual setting.

  The LTS Work at Home Page

Library and Technology Service (LTS) provides resources for accessing information and working productively in a remote environment, including:

  • Practicing safe computing away from Lehigh
  • Choosing how you will access Lehigh resources
  • The Lehigh VPN
  • Preparing to work remotely: Steps to take before you leave campus
  • Getting software
  • Access to Lehigh administrative systems and software (Banner/Argos/Desktop Finance etc.)
  • Meeting virtually with video, voice, and chat tools.

  LTS Standards for Flexplace Work Arrangements

Visit this link to learn more about the standards Library and Technology Service (LTS) has developed for flexplace work to support the technical requirements of working at a flexplace location. 

  ERAC Knowledge at Noon: Town Hall on Flexplace Policies (Recording)

VIsit this link to view a recorded discussion in which Chris Halladay, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, and Eric Zematis, Chief Information Security Officer, answered questions about the Lehigh Staff Flexplace Policy and the LTS standards for Flexplace work. 




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