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What is PageUp Learning Management?

The PageUp Learning Management System is designed to help organizations like Lehigh University manage and supervise training and development programs for their employees. It includes features like content creation, course management, tracking, reporting, and tools for engaging employees. The main objective of the system is to enhance the learning process, enhance employee skills, and support overall organizational development.

The Learning Library

The Learning Library provides you with all the CE@L partnership learning opportunities. Here you can search by category, skill, or topic. Once you find a session you want to attend, simply click on the tile to take you to the registration panel. Watch this brief video for more step-by-step directions.



With any software program, there is always a learning curve. To make things easier for our employees, CE@L has created user guides for all aspects of PageUp, including learning management, hiring, and performance management. See all the available PageUp learning guides here.