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Email to Employees Regarding Free Use of Virtual Care App Through March 2021

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The following email was sent to Lehigh employees who participate in the University's medical insurance plans on December 1, 2020


Dear Colleague:

As a participant in Lehigh's medical benefit plans, you are eligible for a temporary waiver of fees for Capital BlueCross Virtual Care. Please see the message below from Capital BlueCross for more details.

Please note: The use of the Virtual Care app for counseling and therapy appointments is not available to employees covered under Keystone and PPO Plus since IBH administers benefits for behavioral (mental) health services for these medical plans. If you are covered under Keystone or PPO Plus and need access to a behavioral (mental) health provider please call IBH at 1-800-395-1616.

Take care and be well,

Patricia Florkowski, Director of Benefits




Holidays are coming, smack-dab in the middle of a pandemic. For many, holidays have their own stress, both good and bad. Throw in a pandemic and well: all bets are off.

Stress is rough. It can lead to physical illness, like a common cold, and affect our mental wellness as well. Has it ever been more important to take care of ourselves?

Fortunately, you can get care right at home using Capital BlueCross Virtual Care. And bonus: you get it without paying a dime. That's right. It's free through March 31, 2021.

With Virtual Care, get the care you need, from routine medical help to therapy and counseling — including psychiatry (note exceptions above). And with Virtual Care's large network of providers, you can be assured they'll call in whatever prescriptions you need as well.

All you need is your phone, tablet, or computer. It's easy to get started:

  • Download the Capital BlueCross Virtual Care app from your preferred app store or go to the Virtual Care website.
  • Create an account and be sure to include your Capital BlueCross member ID number.
  • When you need care, choose the type of service you need from Capital BlueCross Virtual Care.
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