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First Day Tasks to Complete


First Week Tasks to Complete
  • Tour your Department and Meet Other Department Staff - Sometimes the hardest part of the first week in a new job is just remembering everyone's names. Try to schedule time to walk around and be introduced to colleagues beyond your direct co-workers.
  • Become Familiar With the Campus - Use your lunch breaks to take walks around campus and then take this Buzzfeed Quiz to see how much you learn.
  • Follow Work/Life Lehigh on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram- You'll get daily info on all things Lehigh, from benefits to employee discounts to upcoming events on campus.
  • Join the Lehigh University New Employees Group on Facebook.
  • Meet with Your Supervisor - This should be an ongoing activity during your onboarding period. Topics you may want to discuss:
    • Department organization and protocols
    • Job duties and responsibilities
    • Performance expectations
    • 180-day provisional period
    • Work schedule, breaks, and time off policies
    • Compensation and pay policies
    • Work environment safety
  • Complete Online Compliance Training - Refer to the compliance training email you received for information. 
  • Review Lehigh University Policies – The Lehigh University policies are included in the manual that is handed out at Benefits Orientation. You can also review these policies online.
  • Ask Questions; Discuss Concerns - Don’t hesitate to ask questions or raise any concerns you may have during your first week. Now is the time to seek clarification.


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