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Lactation Accommodations for Fully Remote Workers in New York

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Lehigh University provides accommodations to employees who pump during work hours. This includes the existing Lactation Break Support Policy for Faculty and Staff administered by the Human Resources Department. 

In addition to this policy and in accordance with the New York City Human Rights Law, Fully Remote Employees who reside in New York are also entitled to the following accommodations for lactation. 

  • Lehigh University will provide a reasonable amount of time for an employee to express breast milk and will not unreasonably limit the amount of time or the frequency that an employee expresses breast milk. Lehigh's Accommodations Specialist will speak with the employee to determine a schedule of breaks that reasonably accommodates the pumping needs of the employee.

  • Lehigh University does not require the employee to work while pumping. However, if the employee works while pumping, the employee will be paid at their regular rate for that time.

  • This accommodation will be available for up to three years following childbirth.

We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment against any employee based on the request for or usage of lactation accommodations. Any discrimination, harassment, or other violations can be reported to the Human Resources Department.

Lactation Accommodation Request Process

  • Employees may submit a verbal or written lactation accommodation request by contacting Lehigh's Accommodations Specialist. A response will be provided in a reasonable amount of time, but no more than five working days. During the time it takes to respond to a request and/or engage in a cooperative dialogue to determine the accommodation, Lehigh University will provide a temporary accommodation to the employee so that the employee can pump in a manner that meets the employee’s immediate needs unless that poses an undue hardship.

  • Lehigh University recognizes that employees’ lactation accommodation needs may change over time. Employees may request changes to their existing lactation accommodation at any point.