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Qualifying Life Events

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Certain life events -- such as marriage, birth, or retirement -- can result in changes in benefit needs and/or affect dependents' eligibility for certain Lehigh benefits.

A qualifying life event (QLE) such as those listed below is one that permits you to make appropriate changes to your benefit elections in response to the event.

Changes must be requested within 31 days of the event. In addition to requesting the change, the proper forms and documentation need to be provided to Human Resources via the Lehigh Benefits enrollment website. See our guide to event dates and documentation requirements here.

The requested changes must be consistent with the nature of the qualifying event and previous benefit election choices. For example, adding a newborn or newly adopted child to your medical and life insurance plans is consistent with the birth or adoption of a child.  However, adding your partner to your dental plan would not be consistent with this event.

How to Make Changes to Benefits due to a Qualifying Life Event
  • Log into Connect Lehigh at
  • On the "Employee Links" tile, click Human Resources
  • Select "Lehigh Benefits"
  • Click “View/Edit Your Benefits” on the right side of the screen (note: as annual notices are updated, you may first need to complete/review the items in your To Do List before proceeding)
  • Click "Edit Benefits" and enter the change reason and event date when prompted
  • Enter your changes and upload supporting documentation

You can also give the BenefitsVIP team a call at 866-293-9736 or email for assistance.

Common Qualifying Life Events (QLEs)
  • Change in marital/partnership status
    • Marriage or registration of domestic partnership
    • Divorce or dissolution of domestic partnership
  • Addition or change in number of dependents
    • Birth or adoption of a child
    • Change in child's dependent status
  • Death in the family
    • Death of a dependent child or spouse/partner
    • Death of a Lehigh employee or retiree
  • Changes related to employment or location
    • Change in spouse/partner's employment
    • Retirement
    • Significant change in residence location 
    • Reduction in work hours below the Affordable Care Act's employer plan eligibility threshold; or, eligibility for a healthcare marketplace annual or special enrollment period. (These events do not permit FSA changes.)

​Contact a Human Resources representative for additional assistance or information related to a life event not included above.