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Defining the Market

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The market refers to the peer institutions/universities and other employers that Lehigh uses for compensation comparisons to determine if our pay levels are competitive. There are numerous markets in which Lehigh competes for talented staff and the market varies depending on the type of job being evaluated.

The following is a summary of the markets identified for use in our job evaluation process:

Competitive Assessment - Comparison Markets
Organizational Area/Level Market

Senior Administrators - classified and non-classified

Lehigh Peer Group

Non-Faculty Associate Deans, Assistant Deans, and Directors

Discipline specific

National peer group for doctoral institutions

Entry-Level Professionals

Starting rates from quality academic institutions

Non-Faculty Engineers, Engineering Technicians, Laboratory Technicians

Local and regional employers

General Administrative Positions

For education-specific jobs: regional institutions with graduate programs

For non-education specific professionals: local/regional general industry

Nonexempt and Trade Positions

Local area (Lehigh Valley)

Technical Support Positions

Local area (Lehigh Valley) and regional (Mid-Atlantic/New England states)