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A position description (PD) is a summary of job functions. Lehigh’s position descriptions are designed to provide clear, consistent information about the position’s key accountabilities, job duties, and expectations. They include information about the reporting hierarchy, qualifications (i.e., education, experience, and skills), work schedule, and the work environment.

Position descriptions provide the foundation for various elements of your career at Lehigh, including position evaluation, performance management, and professional development.

At Lehigh, every classified* position has a unique position number and a written PD specific to that job. During the job evaluation process, we search for comparable positions within the external market based on the content in the PD. 

Finalized PDs may be viewed and/or printed at any time but can be unlocked only by Human Resources. Supervisors may request that a position description be unlocked for editing. Substantial changes must have manager review and approval.

Every new classified position must have a written position description before the position can be filled. Supervisor requests for new position evaluations as well as existing position re-evaluations must be accompanied by a copy of the updated PD.

* Excludes research scientist, research engineer, research associate, and research intern positions.

Position Description and Evaluation FAQs

What is a "significant change" to a position description that would warrant a re-evaluation and formal approval?

New responsibilities added that are significantly different from current duties.  When the employee, the supervisor, or manager has recognized a change in job content, or new duties have been assigned, a review may be requested.   For example: website maintenance would be significantly different from scheduling meetings.  If you have to learn how to create and maintain content within a website and that requires additional training that would be a significant change.  

What if my supervisor asks me to take on “more of the same duties”?

“More of the same duties'' would not be a significant change and would not warrant a position evaluation.  An example would be managing two individual’s calendars instead of one.  Increase in quantity doesn’t necessarily warrant a position review.

Why is it important to have my PD reviewed formally by my supervisor prior to making updates?

Each position at Lehigh has a purpose and we have to make sure that the position responsibilities remain in line with the supervisor’s, the department’s and the university’s needs. 

Why is it important to have Human Resources complete a formal evaluation if there are significant changes to my job?

Human Resources objectively evaluates the duties, responsibilities, tasks, and authority level of a job.  The results of an evaluation create parity in job titles, consistent job levels within the universities hierarchy, and consistency within salary ranges. They also ensure that individuals are paid appropriately and review the external market for similar jobs in similar industries, pay ranges of comparable jobs within the university, and the level of knowledge, skill, experience, and education needed to perform each job.  In short, this ensures that the position is classified appropriately as well as that the individual is paid properly.


Does my supervisor have any influence on the classification of my position re-evaluation?

Yes, the supervisor determines what duties are assigned to your position, the level of independence, education and experience required etc.