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LVAIC Undergraduate Tuition Exchange Program

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As a member of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC), Lehigh University is one of six institutions in the region that participate in an undergraduate tuition exchange program for full benefits-eligible faculty and staff members.

The benefit is available to salaried faculty and staff members who are regularly scheduled to work at least 75 percent of a full-time schedule.

Benefit Details

  • The program provides for tuition waiver for up to two undergraduate courses in the spring and fall semesters and the summer session at participating institutions, for a total of six courses in a calendar year.
  • The LVAIC cross-registration policy also includes online courses for eligible faculty and staff members.
  • The maximum tuition benefit available is six credits per semester at Lehigh or two courses per semester through the LVAIC Tuition Exchange Program. 
  • Employees who plan to participate in both programs should contact Betty Rubio before enrolling to ensure that their planned course load does not exceed the combined benefit limit.

Participating LVAIC Institutions

Important Conditions

  • Access to this benefit does not imply or guarantee that you will be admitted to one of the LVAIC institutions. The benefit is available to those faculty and staff members who have been admitted to an undergraduate program at the LVAIC institution they want to attend.
  • The receiving institutions (the colleges where the courses are held) reserve the right to define the periods of study that are included in the "fall semester," the "spring semester," and the "summer session."
  • All course registrations are subject to a "space available" limitation.
  • Students are responsible for paying any fees or other expenses that may be associated with their enrollment at LVAIC institutions. There may be additional fees assessed for online or distance education courses that are elected by the individual student.
  • It is possible that specific courses at a receiving institution might not be eligible for the exchange program benefit.
  • Students are encourages to discuss the applicability of the policy with their advisors at the school they are attending.

Utilizing the Benefit

  • Pick up a LVAIC cross-registration form at the Lehigh Registrar's Office (or any of the LVAIC schools) or the Human Resources Office. You'll need a separate form for each class.  The completed form needs to be signed by a representative in the Human Resources Office and the Lehigh Registrar's Office before taking the form to the institution where you will be registering for classes. 

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