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Tuition Benefits for Retirees

Tuition benefits continue to be available to eligible retirees throughout their retired life. They and/or their eligible dependents that use the available tuition benefits must meet all eligibility requirements for the specific tuition benefit program utilized. The benefit continues to be available to the dependent children of a deceased university retiree and to the surviving spouse/domestic partner of the deceased retiree until and unless he/she remarries or becomes deceased.

Tuition Cash Grant

Lehigh University provides a tuition cash grant to another regionally accredited post-secondary degree granting institution for each eligible unmarried dependent child of full benefits eligible faculty and exempt staff members and their domestic partners.

Benefit Details

Tuition Benefits For Dependent Children

Lehigh University provides tuition benefit programs to assist full benefits eligible faculty and staff with the cost of their eligible children's post-secondary education.

Educational Benefits

As an institution of higher education, Lehigh University is committed to the value of lifelong learning and education for members of our campus community.

Lehigh offers tuition benefits to eligible faculty and staff members, their spouses or partners, and their dependent children to support their personal, academic, and professional development.