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Protection of Minors Committee Charge

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Protection of Minors Committee (POMC) Charge

This document outlines the charge of the Protection of Minors Committee for Lehigh employees’ and students’ interactions in their roles as members of the Lehigh University community with children aged 17 and younger. 

  1. Scope

The Protection of Minors Committee (POMC)  is responsible for ensuring Lehigh University fully complies with its Protection of Minors Policy and by extension the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States.

The Committee will oversee aspects of compliance including, but not limited to: 

  • Align the policy and its implementation, including language regarding third party vendor requirements;
  • Document oversight roles and responsibilities for key protection of minors’ processes;
  • Create and maintain a centralized registration process for events with minors.
  • Maintaining records regarding background checks and other requirements of the Protection of Minors Policy
  • Tracking background checks of all employees as well as students who interact with minors on Lehigh’s campus
  • Track compliance with training requirements of all employees as well as students who interact with minors on Lehigh’s campus
  • Coordinating the development of improved communications regarding compliance with the policy, including a website,

The scope of POMC is strictly limited to the proper implementation and compliance with the Protection of Minors Policy.  POMCC does not exercise direct oversight of programs and events involving minors. The POMC will remain in this coordination and oversight role until a compliance coordinator is hired and ready to assume these responsibilities.

  1. Composition of Committee

POMC members have a variety of knowledge related to this charge, including managing programs involving minors, managing and coordinating events and programs on campus involving outside organizations and risk management, as well as networks of peers in related fields.  Faculty and staff preparing for a program that involves minors should contact a member of the POMC during the initial planning stages to review the requirements for such a program to comply with the Protection of Minors policy. 

Faculty and staff preparing for a program involving minors should begin the process of compliance as far in advance as possible. As such, the POMC review process must be initiated several months before any such program details need to be completed.

POMC is chaired by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Other members include the Director of Risk Management; Director of the Community Service Office; Director of Student Auxiliary Services; General Counsel or designee; Director of Facilities and Events in Athletics; Director of Conference Services; and Business Manager, Zoellner Arts Center. The Executive Secretary of the office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration will provide administrative support. POMCC may consult with other representatives from campus, as needed. 

  1. Crisis Management

Any crisis that may arise with regard to the Protection of Minors policy will be managed by the university’s Crisis Management Team.

POMCC meets on an as needed basis throughout the year to review compliance progress and issues.

  1.  Contracts

Many on campus programs involving minors will require entering into contract with partner organizations and/or vendors. All contracts must be reviewed by Lehigh’s Office of the General Counsel and can be submitted using the online system called “Lehigh University Contract Administration: LUCA”. No contracts involving minors should be signed prior to POMC review. In general, the following Lehigh employees have signing authority: College Dean’s Office, Department Chair, Vice President/Provost. POMC review will provide guidance on appropriate Lehigh authorized signatory. Contract review also applies to individual student travel requiring a contract.

  1. On-going review

POMC regularly monitors current events and conditions. All POMC approved programs are subject to ongoing review occurring up until the program start date and throughout the duration of the program. Programs may be subject to additional review due to changing conditions.